About Us

BCS Medical

BCS Medical is a Swiss company with a worldwide reach, dedicated to the distribution of non-invasive aesthetic medicine products, our sole focus. BCS Medical is a successful combination of expertise in several areas, with experience in working for and with top tier pharma companies, major retailers worldwide and technology partners.

We distribute only the highest quality & exclusive medical devices, energy-based devices and cosmeceuticals.

Our world class energy-based devices feature the latest tech on the market; a non-exhaustive list includes Cryolipolysis, Bipolar Radiofrequency & Cavitation, Radial Shockwave, HIFU, Monopolar Diathermy. We have a flexible distribution model, coupled by a highly tailored approach, taking into consideration our clients requests and specific needs. We walk together with our clients to reach their full development and satisfaction. We are a “boutique” type consultant, providing advice on clinics development, medical aesthetic in general and to independent physicians. We deliver only the best products and services, adapting to our customers. If we don’t have it, we look for it and find it. If it does not exist, we invent it.