Energy Based Devices

Selective and thermocontrast cryolipolysis platform

This energy-based device is indicated in the sub-dermal localized adiposities treatment, with “hands free” mode and programmable vacuum pressure. It includes a new feature through thermocontrast, indicated for focused body contouring. The device features an automatic pressure stabilizer, an advanced technology for patient safety and comfort, an exclusive and unique system on the market plus in-built anti-bruising technology.

High profitability in ensured by 4 simultaneous handpieces with totally independent parameters. The device has an effective auto-cleaning system, lowering obturation risk.

High intensity focused ultrasound – HIFU

The natural tissue regeneration for face and body, especially indicated in non-surgical medical aesthetic applications. The device targets the epidermis, deep dermis and SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System); this last one is of vital importance in facial architecture. The output power emission is up to 3 Joules, allowing the reduction of the number of sessions compared to other systems with lower power output as well as increasing the likelihood of tissue lesions and improving its tightening and regeneration effect.

Radiofrequency – Endothermy – HIFU, 3 in 1

Unique radiofrequency system and lateral progressive vacuum turn rotation up to 90º and 5 different speed. Indicated on oedematous and fibrous tissue mobilization and drainage. The most efficient, painless and non-consumable body sculpting.

Endothermy: static application of simultaneous vacuum and radiofrequency emission. Indicated in cellulitis, adipose tissue and flaccidity.
Face: two radiofrequency handpieces, bipolar-tripolar. Indicated in rejuvenation treatments, under-eye dark circles, tightening, wrinkles, expression lines, luminosity and improvement of the skin texture.
Body: hexapolar radiofrequency indicated in contraindicated vacuum application areas.
HIFU: high intensity focused ultrasound indicated in local fat treatment. High precision with 3 different selective pulses depending on the necessary treatment depth.

Radial shockwave therapy

This versatile instrument can target cellulitis, adherences, fibrosis, localized adiposity and much more. Painless both for patient and operator, thanks to the aluminium handpiece reducing the weight, it guarantees short sessions and can be combined with other technologies such as cryolipolysis, lipolytic laser, radiofrequency, vacuum combination with RF, pressotherapy and ultrasound.

Bipolar radiofrequency

Low emission frequency and high power guarantee the widest reach, to target epidermal, dermal and hypodermic tissue. The bipolar emission mode focuses the energy close to the electrode, improving the tightening effect as well as the lipolytic action increasing temperature on the tissue. Featuring three handpieces, bipolar-tripolar-hexapolar, allowing facial and body applications. Exclusive simultaneous radiofrequency and cavitation emission system. Mainly indicated on the oedematous or fibrotic local fat treatment in the abdomen, thigh fat, flanks, scapular fold, arms, internal side of knees and thighs.

Double radial shock wave therapy

This device’s mechanical effect favours the regeneration of damaged tissues in aesthetic applications. It includes an applicator with a cushioning head, for a comfortable and painless treatment. Its power of up to 5 bars of pressure and frequency from 1 to 16 Hz, will be selective in intensity on the tissues depending on the treatment and desired depth. Continuous work, maximum profitability, plus versatility in treatments. Indicated for cellulite grade I to III, stretch marks, skin elasticity, flaccidity mobilization and defibrillation, localized adiposities.

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